NHS Stop Smoking Services Collection

Frequency: quarterly

Background to the collection

The Stop Smoking Services Quarterly Return is a Public Health England (PHE) central return used to monitor the delivery of Stop Smoking Services (prior to 1 April 2013 this was a Department of Health (DH) return).

The return is collected from Local Authorities (LAs) by NHS Digital (formerly the HSCIC). The stop smoking collection is implemented via the Strategic Data Collection System (SDCS).

The return is made in an excel spreadsheet which is downloaded from the system in the first quarter of each year. The same spreadsheet is then used in each quarter to report throughout the year. Each quarter's return is on a separate tab within the workbook.

The form is not available to download once the Quarter one submission window has closed. Submissions in subsequent quarters should be made on the form an organisation used for their Quarter one submission.

Launch and submission dates

Quarter End of 6 week follow up period Submission deadline

2017-18 Q4       

14 May 2018       

11 June 2018

2018-19 Q1       

13 August 2018              

10 September 2018

2018-19 Q2       

12 November 2018                                  

10 December 2018

2018-19 Q3       

11 February 2019                           

11 March 2019

2018-19  Q4      

13 May 2019    

10 June 2019

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