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Integrated Urgent Care Forecasting Activity Collection (IUCFAC)

This collection aims to collate information to aid tactical and strategic decision making to improve service delivery and efficiency of the Integrated Urgent Care service. 

Overview of the collection

Metrics covered include forecasted calls, required and scheduled staff as well as forecasted service levels, all by 15 minutes and covering the following 6 weeks.

Weekly reports are distributed to commissioners, providers and the NHS England regional Integrated Urgent Care leads. These reports present the expected service provision over the coming weeks to aid tactical decision making and aid informed discussions.

A quarterly benchmarking report, utilising the same data, is produced to highlight opportunities for improved financial efficiency and/or performance improvement. Metrics covered include schedule efficiency and forecast accuracy.

When the collection will open

The collection will open on Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) every Friday at 8am. The submission deadline will be on Monday at 11.59pm.


Last edited: 29 September 2019 8:20 am