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Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection Weekly (IUCADCWeekly)

Frequency: Weekly

Background to the collection

Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) describes a range of services including NHS 111 and Out of Hours services, which aim to ensure a seamless patient experience with minimum handoffs and access to a clinician where required.

  • the NHS 111 Minimum Data Set (NHS 111 MDS) focuses on a relatively narrow subset of the IUC service in terms of data items (specifically call handling and dispositions after triage)
  • the Integrated Urgent Care Aggregate Data Collection (IUC ADC) provides greater detail of IUC service demand, performance and activity

Following a review in 2019-2020, the NHS 111 MDS will be merged into a revised version of the IUC ADC from April 2021. Thereafter, a provisional subset of the IUC ADC data will be published in the month after the collection end date (eg, April data will be published in May), with the complete monthly IUC ADC published as official statistics the following month (eg, April data published in June).

The IUC ADC will include some new data items identified as experimental statistics and some definitions have been revised to provide greater clarity so not all data items are directly comparable with the same data items collected before April 2021. The IUC ADC will be used to monitor a revised set of IUC ADC KPIs.

Some definitions in the IUC ADC were revised to provide greater clarity so not all data items are directly comparable due to differences in definitions. The IUC ADC has been published as experimental statistics since June 2019 (April 2019 data) and is used to monitor the IUC ADC KPIs. Users are advised to refer to the specification guidance for each collection (available below) when interpreting figures.

Previously the 111MDS (Minimum Data Set) collection was the official source of 111 statistics. In April we are publishing the March data which will be the last dataset of that time series. At the end of April the 111 statistics webpage will be restructured to recognise the new IUCADC as the primary data source.

For now access to 111 data can still be found via the NHS England website.

Launch and submission information

The collection will open every Monday at 06:00 and close at 12:00:00, collecting data for the previous week. There will be exceptions when the window falls on a bank holiday, which will be communicated to registered submitters.


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