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Mental Health Acute - Annual Uses of the Mental Health Act 1983 in English Acute Trusts (MHA Acute)

The change in data source for 2016/17 - background

The KP90 collection has been retired. The November 2016 publication of 'Inpatients formally detained in hospitals under the Mental Health Act 1983 and patients subject to Supervised Community Treatment' was the last official annual statistics report published using the KP90 collection as the data source; henceforth data will be sourced from monthly MHSDS submissions.

This page describes the separate arrangements developed for a reduced annual 2016/17 collection from acute hospitals who do not submit MHSDS.

Benefits of changing the way we collect this information

  • as the MHSDS includes all the information manually collected via the KP90, retiring the KP90 collection removes the current duplication of effort, with a reduction in burden on the NHS; the still further reduced submission now being asked of acute hospitals seeks only those few data items applicable to such organisations and similarly reduces burden of data submission
  • the result will be much improved and richer reporting of MHA statistics as previewed in the special feature we published last year

Key messages for acute hospital trusts (who do not submit MHSDS)

  • the Health and Social Care Act 2012 gives NHS Digital statutory powers under Section 259(1) to require data about uses of the Mental Health Act 1983  in NHS Acute Hospital Trusts; this information was previously collected via the KP90 collection
  • the new collection is a reduced, aggregate collection limited to only those reduced uses of the Mental Health Act that occur in acute hospital settings; collecting this information will ensure that annual statistics continue to provide comprehensive information on its overall use
  • in order to ensure that you receive information about the new collection please contact putting 'Uses of the Mental Health Act in acute hospitals' in the subject line as there may be further changes to the way this information is collected in future
  • you will be contacted in April 2017 about the new collection which will commence in May and close in early June
  • the collection will be made by NHS Digital using the new Strategic Data Collections Service Level One Tool
  • it consists of a single spreadsheet requiring 15 data items each consisting of an aggregate count
  • no person level information is included/requested and the process for collecting/supplying the information will be very similar to the previous KP90 collection to which guidance will refer

Launch and submission dates

Period  Launched Submission deadline 
April 2016 to 31 March 2017  15 May 2017  2 June 2017


Further information


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