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e-Referral Service private providers dashboard - access request form

Apply for access to the e-Referral Service (e-RS) private providers dashboard.

Before you start

Who can apply

You can apply for access if you have one of the following provider roles:

  • clinician
  • information analyst
  • operational staff
  • administration staff

Personal data

Personal data collected during this process will only be used to onboard and manage the users of the e-RS Data Private Dashboard. It will not be used for any other purpose.

Terms and conditions

To submit the access request form, you will be asked to confirm you agree to the End User Access Agreement for this dashboard.

ODS (organisation) code

When completing the form, you will be asked to provide the ODS code for the organisation you work for. Search for an ODS code using the ODS Portal.

Form submitted successfully

Form submitted successfully. You should receive an email with further information within 3 working days.

This cannot be a non-work or shared email address
Please explain the reason for requiring access, along with brief details about what the data will be used for
A link to the terms and conditions is above the form