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Coronavirus in your area

This dashboard shows the number of reported coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the area you select, as well as the number of people who have had their symptoms assessed over the phone by NHS 111, where coronavirus was suspected.
Beta version

Beta version

This is a public beta version of this dashboard. It may change without notice. We welcome your feedback about this release.

Enter a postcode, choose a distance from the postcode, and click the 'Go' button to load a dashboard for your local area.

In towns and cities, three to five miles will show your surrounding areas, but you might need to use a larger distance in rural areas.

This service only works for postcodes in England.


Loading data

This dashboard uses Javascript, and you may need to enable this to see the content. If you continue to have problems, please contact us using the details below.

If you need help or have a question

If you need help with this dashboard, or if it isn't working properly, then contact the NHS Digital customer service centre. 

We are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.

0300 303 5678


'Neighbourhood' on this dashboard refers to Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOA) using 2011 census boundaries. To help with this interpretation, we include unofficial MSOA names provided by the House of Commons Library.

Disclosure Control: In order to protect patient confidentiality, small number counts (where the true value is less than 3) are replaced with "< 3 " and with " * " for its corresponding population rate.

Data is presented up to the most recent week ending five days before the current calendar date. Data is refreshed daily and presents the new counts of cases and triages in a given week. Therefore the figures are not cumulative.

Dashboard metadata

Enter your postcode in the search tool above to download dashboard data for your postcode.

This section contains descriptions of the column headers found in the downloaded .csv file. Note – values shown as “< 3” or “*” in the table will appear as zeroes in the csv file.

Column Description Values Data type
Latest Date The date of the most recent week ending five days before the current calendar date. "26 February 2021" Date
Matched msoa11cd The Code of the Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) corresponding to the given postcode or within the chosen distance from postcode. “E02000864”, “E02000362”  String
Measure Names Measures (described below) See below See below
Neighbourhood House of Commons library provided MSOA Name "Horsforth East, Leeds”, “City of London and Hackney”  String
Measure Values Value associated with measure (described below) See below See below


Measures descriptions

Measure Description Values Data type
Cases Number of confirmed cases  "5" Integer
Cases per 100K popn. (Cases/MSOA Population)*100,000 rounded to nearest whole number "53" Integer
Telephone Triages Number of telephone triages as an integer "5" Integer
Telephone Triages per 100K popn. (Telephone Triages/MSOA Population)*100,000 rounded to nearest whole number "142" Integer
Population Population of the matched MSOA from mid-2019 Office of National Statistics population estimates "10,794" Integer
Distance Miles Distance from the chosen matched MSOA, in miles "0.0", "2.3" for example Decimal


Data sources

Data in this dashboard is drawn from a number of sources.

NHS Pathways and 111

This data shows information relating to the triage of coronavirus symptoms through NHS Pathways following calls to NHS 111. They report the triages which have received a potential coronavirus (COVID-19) final disposition. This is a count of the number of assessments carried out, not the number of people assessed. The data are based on signs and symptoms reported by members of the public and are not based on the outcomes of tests for coronavirus.

This information is presented at MSOA level and is grouped from the postcode of the caller to the relevant MSOA

NHS Pathways coronavirus triages

Lab-confirmed case counts for England and subnational areas

Office for National Statistics reference data

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