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Cyber operational readiness support

To help your NHS organisation embed cyber security, we offer free support to address security-critical issues that can have clinical impact and threaten patient safety, specifically in relation to policy, process and cultural change.  

About cyber operational readiness support  

Our free cyber operational readiness support is for NHS trusts and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs).  


This service supports your organisation to achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, which is mandatory from 2021.  

What it involves

The work normally takes around five days across a two-week period. It’s carried out by our industry specialist suppliers Templar Executives and PA Consulting.  

The supplier will be deployed onsite to assist your organisation’s cyber-orientated business readiness activities, initiatives and ways of working.   

No preparation is needed for the supplier team, other than to ensure they have access to relevant people and documents, including your onsite assessment remediation plan.

How we can support you

Preparing for a rapid response to critical security issues  

Operationalising your security policies and strategies

Preparing for CQC inspections with targeted assistance

Delivering your remediation plans following the onsite assessment

Addressing organisational cultures and working practices that pose a risk to cyber security

After the assessment, we can focus on specific areas, including

  • board-level policy review

  • review of shared files

  • network segregation

  • system hardening

  • patch management

  • logging solutions

  • Cyber Essentials Plus gap analysis  

  • capture of clinical best practice to promote cyber safe solutions and innovation

  • clinical capture of requirements for tailored cyber security e-learning 

  • review of cyber resilience in supply chain

  • cyber security awareness

  • full enterprise architecture review  

Register for cyber operational readiness support

To register, or to find out more about cyber operational readiness support, please email us at

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