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Bitsight – cyber security ratings service

BitSight is an external service that can help your organisation to measure levels of cyber security risk. Find out more about the platform and how to sign up for the service.

About BitSight

The BitSight platform uses externally observable events, data sinkholes and 3rd party data to continuously assess cyber security ratings.

It's a non-intrusive solution and does not collect any data directly from organisations.


BitSight will help you:

Who the service is for

This service is currently for NHS trusts.

What it involves

Once access is granted, there's minimal work to maintain the platform.

Help is available to resolve any technical fixes identified, which could include on-site work, depending on the issues identified. 

Register for BitSight 

To register, or to find out more, email 

Last edited: 10 June 2021 4:12 pm