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Check a vaccination appointment

Arrival stewards and assessment clinicians use this app to view details of a patient’s appointment and check them in to the site.

Check a vaccination appointment is a separate app to Q-Flow and allows sites to check patients in. Staff at vaccination sites must have a Q-Flow account to use it.

They also need to reset their password in Q-Flow when logging for the first time before they can log in to the app.

Find out how site managers create user accounts for arrival stewards and assessment clinicians.

Log in to the app

1. Go to in your browser to access the app. This link may already be on your device.

2. Enter your Q-Flow username and password.

Screenshot of login screen of check in app

3. After logging in, you will be shown what access permissions you have within the app. These are based on the user group of your Q-Flow account. If you are a Clinician or Read Only account, you will not be able to check people in.

Read more about user groups in Q-Flow

Check in app - you have view-only access rights

Check-in app - you have editing access rights

View details of an appointment

Instructions for what to do are included in the app as you use it.

1. Select the site at which you are working. Please note that appointments for 12-15 year olds will be at a separate site with ’12-15’ in the name.

screenshot of location screen in check-in app

2. For each person who arrives at the vaccination centre, ask them for their booking reference.

If addressing more than one person, establish who the appointment is for and ask all questions in reference to them.

Screenshot of booking reference question screen

3. If they have their booking reference, enter this to bring up their appointment details.

Screenshots of the booking reference screen

4. If they do not have their booking reference, enter their last name and date of birth to bring up their appointment details.

Screenshot of the question asking for a person's surname and date of birth

The app only searches today’s appointments at the selected vaccination centre.

5. When appointment details are found, the following screen will be shown.

Screen asking person to confirm their name and date of birth

Check an appointment in

After viewing details of an appointment, arrival stewards (but not assessment clinicians) can continue to check the patient into the site.

1. Click Continue under the details of the appointment.

2. Ask if the patient has coronavirus symptoms.

Screen asking person about current symptoms

3. If the patient does have coronavirus symptoms the arrival steward should ask the patient to leave the site. Click Reject to start with the next patient. 

Screen saying that the person must not be allowed on to the vaccination site

4. If the patient does not have coronavirus symptoms the arrival steward can check them in. Click Check-in.

Screen saying the person is ready to be checked in

5. The patient is now checked in. Click Next person to start with the next patient. 

Screen saying the person has been checked in the successfully

Referred citizens

Some citizens who would not normally be eligible for a vaccine may have exceptions that allow them to be vaccinated, such as front-line health and social care workers. These citizens will need to provide proof before they can be vaccinated. If applicable, the app will instruct you to ask them for proof after checking for coronavirus symptoms.

Screen asking if the person is a health or social care worker

Some citizens may be referred because they are severely immunosuppressed. If this is the case, it will be highlighted on the booking details page so the correct guidance and process can be followed.

Screen asking an immunosuppressed person to confirm their name and date of birth


They will also be reminded that they should have evidence with them to show they are eligible for this dose. Examples of evidence are provided for the different doses. Stewards do not need to view the evidence and should not reject people without evidence but, if someone does not have evidence with them, they may not be able to receive their vaccine.

Screen asking a person about their immunosuppressed status

Overseas vaccination evidence check appointments

The check-in app can also be used to check people in for overseas vaccination evidence check appointments. This works the same as normal vaccination appointments except that the appointment type is “Overseas vaccination evidence check”.

Offline mode

If the device on which you are using Check a vaccination appointment loses its connection to the internet you can continue to view appointments and check them in.

Check-ins will be uploaded to NBS when the device regains connectivity.

However, you cannot logout, login or change location while offline.

You will see a yellow banner in the app if you have check-in data on your device that has not been uploaded to Q-Flow.

Screen showing you are not connected to the service and the person has been checked in

Location indicator and change location banner

The banner at the top of the screen shows the site that you are currently logged into and can check-in appointments for. The banner also includes a Change location and Logout link.

Please use the Change location functionality to switch between sites instead of using multiple tabs for different sites. Using multiple tabs with different sites can cause the app to not work properly.

Ask the person for their booking reference

You can also click the Change Location link at the bottom of any page in the app to switch to a new location.

Log out

Click the Logout link in the banner at the bottom of any page in the app to log out. Please log out as soon as you are finished with the app.

If the app is not used for 90 minutes you will be logged out automatically for security purposes.

Feedback survey

Click the Feedback survey link at the bottom of any page in the app to access a Qualtrics survey where you can provide feedback on this service. You can also access this questionnaire after you have checked someone in and before you begin to check someone in.

This feedback survey does not replace Service Desk who should still be contacted in the event of an urgent technical issue either by calling 0300 200 1000 or by emailing

Booking reference screen showing optional feedback survey information

Last edited: 11 May 2022 4:32 pm