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Check a vaccination appointment

Arrival stewards and assessment clinicians use this app to view details of a patient’s appointment and check them in to the site.

Check a vaccination appointment is a separate app to Q-Flow. Staff at vaccination centres must have a Q-Flow account to use it.


They also need to reset their password in Q-Flow before they can log in to the app.


Find out how site managers create user accounts for arrival stewards and assessment clinicians.

Log in to the app

1. Go to in your browser to access the app. This link may already be on your device.

2. Enter your Q-Flow user name and password.

screenshot of login screen of check in app

View details of an appointment

Instructions for what to do are included in the app as you use it.

1. Select the site at which you are working.

screenshot of location screen in check-in app

2. For each person who arrives at the vaccination centre, ask them for their booking reference.

screenshot of check-in question screen in check-in app

3. If they have their booking reference, enter this to bring up their appointment details.

screenshot of booking reference screen in check-in app

4. If they do not have their booking reference, enter their last name and date of birth to bring up their appointment details.

screenshot of search screen in check-in app

The app only searches today’s appointments at the selected vaccination centre.

5. When appointment details are found, the following screen will be shown.

Check in appointment details screen

Check an appointment in

After viewing details of an appointment, arival stewards (but not assessment clinicians) can continue to check the patient into the site.

1. Click Continue under the details of the appointment.

2. Ask if the patient has coronavirus symptoms.

Check in symptoms screen

3. If the patient does have coronavirus symptoms the arrival steward should ask the patient to leave the site. Click Reject to start with the next patient. 

Check in symptoms yes screen

4. If the patient does not have coronavirus symptoms the arrival steward can check them in. Click Check-in.

Check in check in screen

5. The patient is now checked-in. Click Next person to start with the next patient. 

Check in checked in screen

Offline mode

If the device on which you are using Check a vaccination appointment loses its connection to the internet you can continue to view appointments and check them in.

Check-ins will be uploaded to NBS when the device regains connectivity.

Log out

Click the Logout link at the bottom of any page in the app.

Last edited: 25 March 2021 2:57 pm