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What's new for coronavirus

The latest updates in relation to the response of NHS Digital to coronavirus (COVID-19).


New data set shows healthcare activity and outcomes for the shielded population

A new aggregate data set that provides information on healthcare activity and outcomes of shielded patients has been published by NHS Digital today.

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Regional coronavirus cases and triage figures published

NHS Digital has published an interactive dashboard showing the number of coronavirus cases identified through Pillar 1 and 2 testing and the total number of NHS Pathways triages through 111 and 999, and online assessments in 111 Online which received a potential COVID-19 final disposition.

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Coronavirus programme updates 19 June 2020

The report outlines the work NHS Digital has been doing for the past four weeks on coronavirus (COVID-19), and how we are helping health and social care to respond to the pandemic.

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Summary information published today on NHS e-Referral Service

Anonymous summary data on the number of hospital bookings using the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS) has been published for the first time today as an open dataset.

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Ethnicity and outcomes of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients in England

NHS Digital has contributed to a study by academics at the University of California and Cambridge University looking at the increased risk to people from ethnic minorities from coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Dashboards for coronavirus (COVID-19) data

Public beta version of NHS pathways and coronavirus (COVID-19) triage data and Shielded Patient List data.  

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NHS Digital release shielded patient list open data

NHS Digital have released open data about the coronavirus (COVID-19) shielded patient list in England.

This data shows how many shielded patients there are, split by age, gender, and area.

The open data is available as an interactive dashboard, and as data files.

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Syndication service provides latest NHS coronavirus information for websites

Up to date official health information on coronavirus (COVID-19) is now available for organisations and companies to add to their websites quickly and easily.

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Almost half a million MS Teams messages a day sent in the NHS during COVID-19

The average number of weekday remote meetings carried out in the NHS using Microsoft Teams has reached 90,250: more than a six-fold increase since the week it was rolled out across the NHS by NHS Digital, following lockdown restrictions.

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Explanatory note: GP data to support vital coronavirus response

NHS Digital is supporting GPs by putting in place a central service to collect and disseminate data from General Practice to support vital planning and research, as part of the coronavirus (COVID-19) response.

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