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Part of Population Health: COVID-19 Treatment Methodology

Coding classifications used

Current Chapter

Current chapter – Coding classifications used

Please note SNOMED codes that are available to NHS Digital are only those that appear with GPES or GDPPR.

Coding classifications used

The following are the code sets used within the datasets to identify the co-morbidity groups that should be considered for COVID-19 treatment, if a person with one of these co-morbidities has a positive PCR or LFT test for COVID-19 infection and satisfies the cohorting rule set.

International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision

OPCS-4: Classification of Interventions and Procedures

SNOMED CT: Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine

Download the code list and rule set

This document lists all the codes used for the COVID-19 therapeutics detailing the datasets, coding systems, code values and code descriptions. Specifically for SNOMED codes they are only included within the cohort if the code is present in the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) COVID at risk v4 extract or within General Practice Data for Pandemic Planning and Research (GDPPR). Please note, GDPPR does not include data for patients who have opted out of sharing data for research purposes (type 1 opt out).

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