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Creating a new NHS England: NHS England and NHS Digital merged on 1 February 2023. All references to NHS Digital now, or in the future, relate to NHS England. More about the merger.

Technology supplier information

Working together to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

We work with our technology suppliers and partners to provide critical infrastructure and core digital services that support the health and care system. We’re leveraging our collective expertise to deliver robust and innovative new solutions to help the NHS through this period.

During the coronavirus outbreak, we are assessing and responding to offers of additional support from existing and new suppliers.

Thank you to all supporting organisations and your employees for the way you’ve stepped up to meet this unprecedented challenge.

Offering your support

We appreciate you coming forward to let us know your organisation would like to work with NHS Digital and help respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

It’s important that we identify the ‘right fit’ opportunities, where your expertise can enable the rapid delivery of services NHS Digital has been commissioned to deliver.

Tell us about your offer of support

All offers of help can be submitted using the link below. Before completing the form, please check that your offer will support one of the following digital service areas:

Contracted suppliers working with NHS Digital

We understand the demands and challenges of responding to the coronavirus outbreak and also know we cannot do this without you.

If you believe your ability to operate, according to your contract, may be compromised, please discuss this with your regular point of contact at NHS Digital. Alternatively, contact us using the email address below so that together we can work out a solution.

Contact us

Please contact the Commercial Team:

‘Essential’ employees supporting suppliers’ critical provision

The government has released a full list of workers deemed ‘essential’ to the coronavirus response.

Due to the nature of your work for the health and care system, we expect that some of your employees will meet this criterion.

If you require assistance in confirming the importance of your services, please speak to your regular point of contact at NHS Digital or contact us using the email address below.

Contact us

Please contact the Commercial Team:

Last edited: 2 June 2020 4:34 pm