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Apply for data from the shielded patient list

This form enables secondary mental health providers in England to apply to receive data from the shielded patient list, to enable trusts to identify patients in their care who are or have been shielding.

The data comprises of a list of NHS numbers and dates of birth for shielded patients whose GP practice postcodes are in specified clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). NHS Digital will issue the data as a regular release to a secure Secure Electronic File Transfer (SEFT) account, to be collected and processed by the mental health provider.

The form must be submitted by the Senior information risk owner (SIRO), and they must provide their contact details.

We hold a list of SIROs that you can use for reference.

To apply for data we will also require:

  • your provider name and ODS code
  • the data recipient's contact details
  • the names and ODS codes of the CCGs for whom you require data

You can search for ODS codes using our ODS portal.

Before completing this form you must read the NHS Digital terms of release that apply.

You may also want to read our shielded patient list transparency notice, and policy and guidance on how to use the data.

Your details will be shared with NHS England and/or NHS Improvement as part of the approvals process.

Please direct any queries to

Form submitted successfully

You have successfully submitted your request for Shielded Patient List data.

Requestor organisation

Lead secondary mental health providers are eligible to apply. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

This is your organisation's unique three character code.
Senior information risk owner (SIRO) details

This is the person with the authority to accept the terms of release. The SIRO must complete the form and confirm they agree to the Terms of Release.

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Please tick to confirm you have read, understood and accept the Terms of Release.
Data recipient details

This section is required to enable us to set up the secure account you will use to access the data.

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Enter names of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) for whom you require data

These must be CCGs that your mental health provider has a relationship with. For example, your organisation is the lead organisation commissioned by these CCGs to provide secondary mental health services within these CCGs' footprints.