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Dissemination of the shielded patients list

Who can receive this list

The NHS shielded patients list will be disseminated by NHS Digital to recipients under data sharing terms of release which will set out the agreed purposes for which the data is to be used, commitments to secure handling and management of the list, and the scope of onward dissemination.

Organisations receiving the list

The following organisations are receiving the list:

Supermarkets do not receive the NHS Shielded Patient List. When patients register with the government’s extremely vulnerable persons service they can request support for food deliveries. It is this information that flows to the supermarkets or food distributors. For further information, see the privacy statement for the government service.

We will update this page with further recipients when required.

Terms of release

This is the terms of release agreed by NHS Digital with the Cabinet Office. Note that at the time of the letter, the list was known as the 'vulnerable patient list'.

Last edited: 22 May 2020 1:41 pm