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Coronavirus (COVID-19) increase in use of NHS Digital tech

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The NHS website


visits to coronavirus pages in one day on 17 March 2020

on the NHS website (NHS.UK)

The number of visits to the NHS website (NHS.UK) has increased dramatically. On 17 March 2020 visits peaked at 3.4 million, the highest daily total ever. Of this, 2.2 million visits were to coronavirus pages.

This chart shows the trend in the number of page views for coronavirus. Data is captured for visitors who accept cookies - around 40% of visitors - so total figures will be higher than shown.



Demand for the NHS App grew rapidly over the last month.

In March 2020: 

  • registrations to use the NHS App increased by 111%
  • the number of repeat prescription requests made via the app increased by 97%
  • the number of patient record views rose by 62%

This chart shows a comparison of the figures between February and March 2020.


new users registered on the NHS App yesterday

NHS Pathways

In March 2020, the NHS Pathways software system was responsible for triaging 1,624,258 calls to 111 and 999, to direct callers to the most appropriate service available. This was a 12.2% increase from the same time last year.

Download the data for this chart Number of calls triaged by Pathways, in March 2019 and March 2020

NHS 111 online

During March 2020, NHS 111 online's average number of users increased by more than 50 times, compared to average usage before the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

NHS login

There are now more than one million NHS login accounts.

This chart shows the latest trend in new account requests, verifications (where we check people are who they say they are) and queue times (the number of people waiting for verification).

Electronic Prescribing Service (EPS)

Pharmacies have seen a large increase in the number of nominations, where a patient chooses which pharmacy they would like their prescription to be sent to electronically. Between February 28 and March 27 2020, more than 1.25 million nominations were received.

Upwards Trend 1.443

thousand electronic prescriptions sent yesterday

Upwards Trend 2.645

thousand electronic prescriptions claimed yesterday

Upwards Trend 2.12

thousand electronic prescriptions dispensed yesterday

Microsoft Teams for NHSmail users

In the week following the roll-out of Microsoft Teams to NHSmail users, daily users increased by almost 10 times.

Download the data for this chart Increase in numbers of users during first week of Microsoft Teams after national roll-out
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