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Data for the Immunisation Management Service

We're supporting the National Immunisation Management Service, led by NHS England, that aims to vaccinate around 25m people against influenza.

We have provided data to NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit, the delivery partner selected by NHS England for Immunisation Management for the 2020 flu season and the anticipated COVID-19 vaccinations programmes in 2021.

We have constructed the feed architecture to allow the data to be collated centrally on the way to NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit to allow for internal data analysis work and to facilitate open procurement of the Immunisation Management services in the future.

There are four key data flows:

  1. Demographics data feed (including ethnicity) which is now being provided for around 60m people, to support both flu and COVID-19 immunisation programmes.
  2. Clinical data which has been provided to support the flu programme - there is a feed in place covering >99% citizens.
  3. GP vaccination event data for all NHS-funded flu vaccinations - there is a feed in place covering >97% citizens.
  4. Pharmacy vaccination event data for all NHS-funded flu vaccinations, via Pinnacle and Sonar - there is a feed in place with full coverage.

An additional request has been received to provide details of citizens on the Shielded Patient List and this is being progressed with the Chief Medical Officer for England’s Office.

Additional requests have been received for provision of 2019 comparator flu vaccinations event data, which is being progressed with GP and Pharmacy suppliers, and for school vaccinations event capture, which is being progressed through an app created by Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit which will provide data to NHS Digital.

National Booking Service for COVID-19 vaccination

High-level design has been completed for a new service to be built on, incorporating Personal Demographic System (PDS) look-up and basic validation and clinical checks. This will allow eligible health and social care workers and citizens to book vaccination appointments. The service will integrate with the National Immunisation Management Service to determine eligibity for vaccination and provide notification of booking and vaccination events.

The scope and operational details of the vaccination sites is still in development but it is likely that vaccinations will be delivered through 'mass', 'mobile' and 'roving' vaccination sites. The booking service on is currently intended for the 'mass' vaccination sites only and the process for citizens to receive vaccinations via 'mobile' and 'roving' sites will be handled separately. Vaccination events will also be captured and fed back into primary care clinical records and the Summary Care Record (SCR).

Digital elements of additional services necessary to support a national vaccination programme, including logistics and operational service delivery, have not been commissioned from NHS Digital at this time.

Permission to contact

We continue to work with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to enhance the NHS COVID-19 vaccine research registry. As of 13 October 2020, 277,000 people had registered an interest in being contacted for recruitment into vaccine trials.

The registry has been used to invite eligible volunteers to participate in the first two trials to use the Sign up to be contacted for research service with around 15,000 eligible people registered for specific trials (as of 12 October 2020)

An interactive dashboard was delivered on 18 August 2020 to show the number of people who have registered their interest in participating in a coronavirus vaccine trial. The data covers the whole of the UK  with the ability to display data on volunteer numbers by local authority, age and gender.

The main focus over the last 10 weeks has been on conducting performance testing to ensure the service can handle large numbers of concurrent visitors. Functional enhancements have been delivered including the ability to capture telephone numbers and communication preferences and refining the permission questions.

National Surveillance System for Pharmacovigilance

We're working with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the Vaccines Task Force to establish a clear commission for a national surveillance system for assessing vaccine effectiveness. Given the potential for a number of vaccines to be made available roughly simultaneously, and for UK licensing authorities to approve the supply of unlicensed vaccines (common approach in a pandemic scenario), the ability to quickly deploy sophisticated safety studies using a common national assessment baseline will be critical. This will necessitate:

  • the deployment of mechanisms for vaccinees to self-report symptoms in addition to those reported to clinicians directly
  • the set-up of a Trusted Research Environment for pharmacovigilance modelling
  • the establishment of interfaces with Life Sciences & Academic partners
  • standard Information Governance approval processes
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