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Creating a new NHS England: NHS England and NHS Digital merged on 1 February 2023. All references to NHS Digital now, or in the future, relate to NHS England. More about the merger.

Delivering digital services for NHS Test and Trace

NHS Digital is the lead delivery partner for the core digital services in Testing within NHS Test & Trace.

Our work

Our work includes working with partners and third parties to oversee the design, delivery and maintenance of the testing platforms, including the website members of the public use if they wish to book a test.

We work with a broad eco-system of suppliers and service providers across the end-to-end journey for testing, from booking a test right through to communicating test results, to ensure an integrated and efficient system is in place.

Note that laboratory IT systems are not within the scope of the service managed by NHS Digital.

Our role

It is our role to ensure the digital infrastructure is reliable and robust to enable the rapid expansion of NHS Test and Trace’s testing operations.

We adopt a user-centred approach to seek to ensure the user journey for people booking tests is as intuitive and straight forward as possible.

The tech

As the Testing service has evolved, the tech underpinning it has also grown very quickly – we are constantly adding new layers, such as ensuring test results feed into GP records, enabling hospitals to order tests for specific patients ahead of elective care, bulk registration of patients from social care settings and establishing a service for antibody testing. In addition, we continue to scale the infrastructure to support rising demand levels for testing and new testing use cases.

Outside the Testing service, we also support Test and Trace through a series of dashboards plotting the spread of infection within the UK and through cyber security monitoring across both Test and Trace.

Note that we are not responsible for the development, delivery or management of the NHS Covid-19 App, although we have worked alongside the team delivering that product to ensure it is integrated into the testing journey seamlessly for its users.

Also note that the development, delivery and management of the tracing system is provided by Public Health England.

Last edited: 5 May 2021 12:18 pm