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National smartcard printing service

NHS Digital supported the COVID-19 response by introducing a national smartcard printing service.

This service was provided as part of the initial COVID-19 emergency response and is no longer available.

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) team have been commissioned to build and implement a new function to provide new Temporary Access Cards (TACs) and distributed, in a secure way, to the Registration Authority (RA) in an NHS organisation. 

How this service works

On receipt this will enable the RA’s to configure the cards with the appropriate Roll Based Access Controls (RBAC) so clinicians can then access patient information as part of their new activity. 

These cards will be used by clinicians in front line services including primary care, 111 services including the new COViD-19 triage service being setup by Urgent and Emergency Care and the new temporary hospitals like Nightingale

Service delivery

During this pandemic, RA’s that are encountering excessive demands for smartcards which they are unable to meet as a result of limited capacity, can place requests for assistance in printing cards.

The requests are processed by a central administrative team who then arrange the day to day process of printing, courier collection and subsequent direct delivery to the requesting RA. Printing of cards is undertaken by smaller teams working remotely, yet in collaboration across the organisation.

Accessing this service

Requests for this service should be submitted to:

To help us to prioritise workload, the following information must be included in the request:

  • Name of requesting RA.
  • RA Organisation address (The RA must be able to pick up from this location)
  • Contact number
  • Delivery address
  • Current stock levels of cards
  • Number of cards required.
  • Date and time required.
  • Short justification of seeking support from the national card printing service

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