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Apply for an Entrust virtual smartcard

This form allows NHS organisations to apply for Entrust virtual smartcards. It is designed to gather enough information to make sure that taxpayers' money is being spent effectively.

Before you start

Terms and conditions

By applying, you undertake that you will use the services only for lawful purposes and in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  • you will provide NHS Digital with all reasonable co-operation for the services to be provided
  • you acknowledge that this is a new product launched in a controlled manner and, therefore, may experience some teething issues
  • where issues are identified you will provide all reasonable cooperation to understand and resolve the issues
  • if you learn about any of the components, processes or methods of operating any infrastructure or software within the services, you will treat this knowledge as the supplier’s confidential information

Information you will need before completing the form

You will be unable to save a partially completed form. If you navigate away from a partially completed form, the information will be lost. We, therefore, recommend you assemble and confirm the following information before you start:

  • RA manager agreement to process virtual smartcards
  • name of your RA organisation 
  • ODS code that the RA issuing your virtual smartcard will log in under
  • RA manager's email address
  • number of smartcards you're applying for 
  • justification for use of virtual smartcards in support of coronavirus activity
  • Spine services to be accessed using virtual smartcards
  • local services to be accessed using virtual smartcards


We aim to review every application within 24 hours. If we require more information before making an approval decision we will contact the person named on the form. 

Any approved applications will enter the process to be enabled through the Care Identity Service Registration Authority process. RAs will be enabled weekly as follows:

  • Monday, midday - deadline for applications each week
  • Wednesday night - relevant Registration Authority organisations enabled for virtual smartcards within CIS under request for change (RFC)
  • Thursday morning - Registration Authorities can start issuing virtual smartcards to users

Complete this form to apply

Form submitted successfully
* required field

Section 1: Your details
First and last name - this should be someone authorised to make purchasing decisions on behalf of your organisation
Section 2: Registration Authority (RA)
The form will NOT be approved unless the RA is involved and has agreed to deploy
You only need to complete this if different to name of NHS organisation
Section 3: Virtual smartcard requirements
Please confirm the number of virtual smartcards that NHS Digital need to approve
Please provide a detailed description of the COVID-19 related purpose for which the virtual smartcards are being requested
Section 4: Services to be accessed with virtual smartcards
Please note: NHS Digital are currently working with Entrust on an advanced electronic signature solution with EPS and, therefore, no approvals will be made for Primary Care and EPS until this is ready

Please provide a list
Section 5: Terms and conditions
For terms and conditions:

Contact us

If you need any further information, please email