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Working for your wellbeing

We are here to help the NHS take care of the nation's health. For us, that project begins close to home - with the health and wellbeing of our own people.

Work-life balance

We know that work is only one part of who you are, so we work hard to be flexible when work and life events conflict.

It's more about fitting work into your life, than arranging your life around work.

Work with your line manager to make arrangements that suit you and the business, and make sure you keep in regular contact if you take things like emergency leave for dependants.

Being people focused is one of our values, and we expect colleagues to help each other. If you need help, ask your team and your manager.

Flexible working

Flexible working arrangements allow you to agree with your team how and where you'll work.

This hybrid way of working allows everyone to contribute and be valued equally.

We provide the technology, the tools and the training you need to work and collaborate effectively wherever you are.

If you need a more formal arrangement to help you achieve a healthy work-life balance you can request to work part-time and as part of a job share.

For staff nearer the end of their career we offer a range of options for ‘winding down’ so that you can keep working whilst preparing for retirement.


Developing our staff

Staff development is a top priority for NHS Digital.

We want all of our staff to have the skills, confidence, and backing to do the best possible job.

The digital health industry is very fast-moving, and our staff need to keep pace with the latest development in technology, emerging skills, and just up to speed with the latest thinking.

Directorates and professions

You will be developed within your directorate, whose development strategies have been designed to match the key skills and competencies described by your associated professional body.

Being part of a profession also offers you access to events, training (both face-to-face and online) and seminars arranged by your business lead and directorate support team.

Dealing with sickness

Everyone gets sick sometimes, and we want to make sure that staff are healthy and happy.

Our process is simple, and there's a special number and email to contact if you need to let us know that you can't work.

Trust in our staff is important, and when you're off for five days or less, you can self-certify your return to work. 

Sometimes absences are longer, and we'll work with you to try and get you back to work when you're ready. We've got occupational health support and they will work with HR and your manager on things like phased return-to-work, and reasonable adjustments.

Extra leave when you need it

We are a people-focused organisation, and we know that sometimes you need time off in an emergency, or when big things happen in your life.

You can ask for leave including:

  • parental leave
  • compassionate leave (including enhanced child bereavement leave)
  • leave for medical appointments

This is arranged with your manager, and is based around your individual needs.

We will also help support you if you have community commitments outside of work, including:

  • being a school governor
  • being part of a military reserve or territorial unit

Having a baby

We aim to be family-friendly, and we support our staff who are having babies or choosing to adopt.

For maternity leave, staff who have 12 months NHS service by the eleventh week before expected childbirth get:

  • 8 weeks of leave on full pay
  • a further 18 weeks on half pay
  • the remaining 26 weeks on unpaid leave

You can opt to share this time off with your partner. We'll also help you to keep in touch with up to 10 days at full pay.

Two weeks of paid paternity leave are also available for partners with 12 months of service.

There are also arrangements for staff who don't have that length of service. NHS Employers has more details on parental leave arrangements.

Employee assistance programme

We have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider, offering a confidential health and wellbeing service to staff and their families, both online and over the phone, with access to the following services:

  • counselling – immediate access to 24-hour telephone counselling
  • legal information services
  • financial information services
  • medical support team
  • online health and wellbeing support


We offer a wide range of resources to support the mental and physical wellbeing of our people.  Our dedicated workplace adjustments team are on hand to make sure you have everything you need from day one.

Staff are kept up-to-date through our weekly wellbeing bulletin.

As well as physical first aid, we also have a team of trained mental health first aiders on call throughout the organisation.

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