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Diversity and inclusion: where everyone matters

We are a welcoming and inclusive employer. We want everyone to feel comfortable in their work, and strive for continuous improvement.

Our commitments

We value the differences that exist within our workforce and the patients and public our services support.

We are committed to building a workforce, services and systems that recognise the diversity of the population we serve, and to developing a culture that not only values and understands difference but embraces it and draws on it to spark innovation. 

NHS Digital is striving to make sure that by 2025, 19% of our staff will be black, Asian, or from minority ethnic groups, 14% will have a disability, and 50% will be female.

We try to engage with employees at all levels within the organisation to communicate the importance of diversity and inclusion.  

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New starters

We encourage all new starters to:

  • get to know the diversity and inclusion goals and commit to understanding how diversity impacts their role
  • participate in surveys and respond as openly and honestly as possible
  • engage with staff networks
  • participate in the training, learning and development with a focus of inclusion and diversity

Our staff networks

Our inclusive behaviors and leadership commitment include the creation, development and sustainability of our staff networks:

  • Ability network, who focus on disability inclusion
  • Generations network, who focus on age inclusion
  • Embrace network, who focus on ethnic minority inclusion
  • Women’s network
  • LGBTQ+ and allies network
  • Multifaith network    
  • Families and carers network

Find out more about our staff networks.

How we're performing

Learn more about how we're performing on diversity and inclusion in our annual report

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