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Diversity and inclusion: ambition, obligation, smarter decisions

Our ambition is to make NHS Digital the best and most inclusive place to work by creating an environment where colleagues feel that they can perform to their full potential, regardless of background, identity, or circumstances.

Valuing diversity and creating an inclusive environment allows us to build a workforce that better represents health and care staff and the communities we serve, which in turn helps us to develop and deliver better products and services, and ultimately enable improved health care outcomes.

We're on a journey

We are proud of the progress we have made so far but recognise we have much more to do to create the best and most inclusive place to work. As we have not seen a significant shift in our workforce diversity over the past 4 to 5 years, to drive change, our Board has set new challenging representation targets. The aim of these targets are to encourage greater diversity and inclusion at all levels, and to make NHS Digital a truly inclusive environment by 2025. 

The targets are a step forward. However, it will take all of us in the organisation to remove barriers to participation, reduce bias and provide support to ensure a level playing field for all colleagues. We will continue to listen, learn and understand perspectives from all of our colleagues, with the help of our 7 staff networks, to ensure colleagues feel supported and able to thrive.

We know that moving forward our aims and actions will need to align and complement those of our new NHS family, and we very much look forward to that collaboration. In doing so, we will not lose sight of the commitments we have made to making our organisation more inclusive and diverse. Our merger with NHS England presents an exciting opportunity to share best practice, innovate together and push boundaries further to expedite our shared inclusion goals – together we will achieve more.

How we'll know when we've arrived

We will know we've arrived when:

  • our people tell us they feel they can be themselves at work and they feel valued for the difference that they bring
  • our teams and senior leaders are representative of the people we serve
  • all our actions truly demonstrate a zero-tolerance to inappropriate behaviour, and it is safe to challenge at all levels

How we're performing

Learn more about how we're performing on diversity and inclusion in our annual report

Diversity and inclusion are vital to the continued success and growth of the capabilities and outcomes that NHS Digital deliver. We look forward to your contribution when you join us to make the organisation diverse, inclusive and the best place to work.

Last edited: 20 April 2022 2:29 pm