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2021 Inside Story

Our experts provide the stories behind the headlines, and show how NHS Digital is using data and technology to improve lives.

How NHS Digital is helping improve cardiac arrest outcomes

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops beating suddenly; it is the most extreme medical emergency and requires an immediate response. Cardiac arrest can happen to both adults and children, though it is more common in later life.

Celebrating the lasting legacy of NHS Digital’s Social Care Programme

We harnessed the power of information and technology to help England’s health and care sectors to deliver more efficient and effective care.

GP data saves lives

Simon Bolton, Interim CEO of NHS Digital, explains why we are giving people more time to reflect on the launch of the GP Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR).

Planning and research: The future with GP data

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we use GP data for planning and research. Peter Short, Clinical Lead for GP Data explains how the trustworthy and careful use of this data benefits us all as users of the NHS.