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Opportunities to get involved

Help us innovate to tackle the challenges we face. Contribute to our thinking and express your interest in the work we need support with.

It is vital that we attract, engage and collaborate with suppliers to set our programmes up for success.

Below are opportunities to get involved and put forward ideas and suggestions to help us with problems and challenges we are facing. 

NHS login is a service that has been created by the NHS for patients and the public. It provides a re-usable way for patients to access multiple digital health and social care services with a single login, which includes authentication for returning users.

NHS login is designed for digital patient-facing services that offer a health or social care related app or website. To support the future plans for NHS login, NHS Digital are looking for a scalable solution that provides photographic identity document checking and facial comparison to verify and authenticate individuals accessing digital health and care services.  

We want to hear from suppliers who have a proven track record in identity verification that can put forward ideas and innovations to help shape our future direction. Whilst it does not necessarily need to be in health there are certain minimum requirements needed to meet our evaluation criteria. 

The solution must be capable of the following:

  • checking for type of identity document
  • checking for fake identity documents
  • checking for expired identity documents
  • run a likeness and liveness check to ascertain whether the citizen is real and alive
  • checking visibility/quality of video submitted and provide real time feedback to user
  • accepting international identity documents for verification


The types of identification permitted as evidence must be an item of official photographic identity, such as a passport or driving licence. The full list is in section 4.3.4 of Good practice Guide (GPG) 45.

You may also find useful information and guidance within the DCB3051 Identity Verification and Authentication Standard for Digital Health and Care Services.  

Let us know how you can help

Use the form below to submit your interest. Once you have clicked on the link you will need to create an account to access the form.

Find out what's on our API management roadmap and vote for the features you would like to see developed.

You can leave comments, vote on existing ideas and make suggestions for new developments being considered to support the delivery of our API Vision. 

As part of our API management programme, we are working on a new FHIR-compliant API to access the national Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

In our first phase we are focussing on secondary care prescribing. 

The API is now available in alpha, which includes the API specification and a sandbox for early developer testing

Get involved

We are actively looking for developers to get involved in our alpha to help us shape the API. If you would like to take part, or if you have any other questions, please get in touch:

As part of our support for the health and care system during the coronavirus pandemic, we are assessing and responding to offers of additional support from existing and new suppliers. It is important that we identify the ‘right fit’ opportunities, where your expertise will contribute to rapid delivery of services NHS Digital has been commissioned to deliver. 

We have put in place a dedicated coronavirus tech supplier page where you can find out more and submit your offer.

Last edited: 22 October 2020 10:15 am