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Finding contracting opportunities

We publish regular pipeline information to provide a forward look of potential contracting opportunities. 

Important information

Procurement pipeline published: July 2021

Next review: October 2021

The pipeline identifies projects greater than £185,000 for procurements not yet awarded.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee that any published pipeline project will lead to a tender publication as we may decide not to proceed with the contract.

The information reflects our anticipated procurement pipeline as at the report date, and is subject to change. 

The information and material contained in this report is provided for general information purposes only. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

NHS Digital makes no commitment that the:

  • requirements identified will be procured
  • annual value of any contract will be as stated
  • timing of any future procurement exercises will be as stated

The procurement pipeline provides a forward view of potential commercial activity and can be accessed below. 

The information includes the:

  • project title
  • estimated value
  • estimated date when the contract will be awarded

You can also search for 'NHS Digital contract opportunities' on the government's Contract Finder. It provides details of all ‘closed’ opportunities where the tender process has finished as well as procurements not yet awarded.

How to use the procurement pipeline

Understanding the headings 

Description: description of the procurement

Contract award forecast: proposed schedule date for awarding the contract

Category: type of spend

Procurement status: the stage best describing the project

Value band: see value banding 

Value banding 

B: £185,000 to £250,000

C: £250,000 to £500,000

D: £500,000 to £1 million

E: £1 million to £5 million

F: £5 million to £10 million

G: £10 million to £25 million

H: £25 million to £50 million 

I: £50 million to £100 million 

J: £100 million to £250 million 

Procurement status definitions 

Draft: the need is being understood and the likely commercial requirements are not yet known

Pipeline: the need is understood and high-level specification being developed. We can predict with some confidence indicative key dates for the project

Pre-procurement: intention to go to market in near future

Procurement: procurement in progress

Procurement pipeline

Description Contract award forecast Category Procurement status Value band

Digital Support to the Vaccinations Programme

Project code: W0152

2021 Q3 Digital pre-Procurement H

Provision of a supplier to meet demand for user-centred service design and user research capability on a range of data services from discovery to live.

Project code: W0121

2021 Q3 Digital pre-Procurement E

UEC Standards Roadmap Use Case Development

Project code: W0181

2021 Q3 IT Support and Services pre-Procurement E

To put in place a contract for the Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use in Young People Survey (SDD)

Project code: W0143

13 December 2021 Requirement under development pre-Procurement TBC

Retender of Riak support provider contract

Project code: WO134

31 July  2021 IT Support and Services Procurement B

Possible new requirement - patient encounter history development

Project code: WO182

2021 Q3 IT Support and Services pre-Procurement E

The Citizen Health Technology sub-directorate requires a supplier, with specialist skills in delivery of large-scale public facing digital services to support development for NHS.UK and the wider portfolio which includes the NHS App and Login

Project code: W0146

6 August 2021 Technical Development and Design Services Procurement G

Developer support for the NHS Pathways BAU service and support for the re-platforming/re-architecture and re-tooling of NHS Pathways

Project code: WO165

9 August 2021 Requirement under development pre-Procurement E

The requirement is for supplier support and involvement to efficiently and effectively deliver the Buyer’s NHS login ‘Transform’ work programme in FY 21/22

Project code: WO104

2021 Q3 Requirement under developmen pre-Procurement G

Support the Buyer in the delivery of the Buyer’s outcomes related to the effective and efficient operation of its NHS login live service (run & maintain) DevOps team

Project code: W0110

9 August 2021 Requirement under developmen Draft E

Re-procurement of the NHS App contract

Project code: W0171

2021 Q3 IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support pre-Procurement H

Potential new items that NHSX are looking to bring into the CHT delivery scope. Discussions are ongoing to understand the requirements but the expectation from NHSX will be that we will be delivering items within this FY with a short lead time on commencement

Project code: W0180

2021 Q3 IT Support and Services pre-Procurement F

Provision to appoint a supplier to provide strategy and delivery support

Project code: W0122

17 November 2021 Digital Draft TBC

Procurement of next-gen smartcards and the associated services

Project code: W0028

1 October 2021 Security or access control systems Procurement E

Live Services R/M Capability - Interim Cervical

Project code: W0186

2021 Q3 IT Support and Services pre-Procurement E

Provision of Run/Maintain/Development services for existing SQL Estate and other legacy products

Project code: W0118

8 October 2021 Digital Draft E

NHS Digital’s Live Services require a supplier to work with us to help design the future state of the Directorate and support transition to it from where we are today. In addition to this strategic direction, we require immediate support to the Vaccinations Programme live service team

Project code: W0132

2021 Q3 Technical Development and Design Services pre-Procurement H

The requirement is for a transformation team to work on build and transition work packages to delivery outcomes. Key activities that provide new services or enhancements to existing services

Project code: W0185

2021 Q3 Requirement under development pre-Procurement F

Digital definition services to support the authoring of:
1.    Capabilities – refining current and creating new
2.    Standards Roadmap – including all artifacts required for supplier delivery
3.    Drafting of FOT specifications

Project code: W0173

2021 Q3 IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support pre-Procurement E

End to end development services which support digital transformation and interoperability for health care settings needing to interact with GP Practice and community care settings

Project code: W0160

1 November 2021 IT Support and Services Draft G

This requirement is for the end-to-end development services for the GPIT Futures Catalogue

Project code: W0172

2021 Q3 IT Support and Services pre-Procurement E

This requirement is for digital definition services to support the delivery of the business objectives of the GP IT Futures Programme. Within the scope of this requirement is to support buyer and supplier enablement and explore new technological developments to improve NHS D, Supplier and Buyer experience

Project code: W0179

2021 Q3 IT Support and Services pre-Procurement G

The Early Talent Recruitment Partner(s) procurement exercise sets out to select a partner for Attraction, Recruitment and Selection of Graduate and Intern candidates for the NHS Digital Early Talent Recruitment Team

Project code: W0009

TBC Requirement under development pre-Procurement TBC

Digital Support for the Cervical Cancer Screening programme

Project code: W0153

2021 Q3 Digital pre-Procurement G

Development work to support the ongoing uplift of strategic data collection and process products and associated datasets within the Data Services directorate

Project code: W0119

7 January 2022 Digital Draft H

Provision of development work to support the ongoing uplift of strategic data access and analysis products and associated datasets within the Data Services directorate

Project code: W0120

7 January 2022 Digital Draft H

The DSC is seeking a partner for delivery of the fourth phase of a multi-year transformation programme designed to develop the existing corporate security function, aligning it to the concept of operations and target operating model proposed as a result of the recently completed STARA

Project code: W0093

1 August 2021 Requirement under development Draft D

Reprocure the existing cloud aggregator contract. Enhance the scope of the cloud aggregator agreement to support services to the wider NHS through the implementation of a community cloud (with direct billing from the aggregator to the NHS)

Project code: W0060

1 June 2022 Requirement under development Draft J

Digital delivery for the Breast Screening Select system

Project code: W0084

22 July 2021 IT Support and Services Procurement D

The requirement is for an API Production team to develop new APIs for the NHS Digital and NHS programmes. This team will be commissioned to develop and deliver APIs which use API Platform common components and have their externally facing documentation published in the Developer Hub

Project code: W0187

2021 Q3 Requirement under development pre-Procurement F

The requirement is for an Onboarding team who are responsible for the external developer organisation onboarding process to ensure that they can integrate as easily as possible with NHSD APIs

Project code: W0131

18 October 2021 Information Technology Services Procurement E

To support objective of providing better access to services and information by increasing the number of Application Programming Interface (API) developed internally and externally which link to them

Project code: W0184

2021 Q3 Requirement under development pre-Procurement F

To support delivery of the Buyer’s outcomes related to the effective and efficient DevOps operation of the API Developer Hub

Project code: W0130

6 August 2021 Information technology services Procurement E

The Programme Network and Connectivity team have secured funding for completion of the OBC product including data modelling and analysis in the current Spending Review to inform later year CSRs also. The delivery of this work package is time critical

Project code: W0307

29 October 2021 Telecommunications Procurement D

The peering exchange service enables network routing between Consumer Network Service Providers (CNSPs) allowing customers on different CNSP networks to communicate seamlessly over HSCN. A managed service arrangement will be put in place to provide this

Project code: W0222

28 February 2022 Requirement under development Procurement F

Following the design, develop, test and present for a clinical tool Minimum Viable Product (MVP) further activities are now required following the release of MVP

Project code: W0212

2021 Q3 Technical Development and Design Services pre-Procurement F

To develop and implement the service blueprint for the Integration hub,  The hub will provide a service to programmes and third parties for managing and maintaining the integration process for utilising NHS assets

Project code: W0230

2 August 2021 Requirement under development Draft E

Supply of comms services via a one-stop-shop

Project code: W0024

6 September 2021 Marketing & Communications Consultancy Procurement E

The overall purpose of the survey is to collect robust data on a range of topics relating to the mental health of children and young people. This will be used to inform the design and improvement of mental health service

Project code: W0267

TBC Research Services Draft E

Corporate solution for Identity/Credit Checking Services

Project code: W0290

1 September 2021 Security or access control systems Draft F

Reprocurement of NHS Digital Payroll Provider

Project code: W0289

1 July 2022 Requirement under development pre-Procurement D

PAT testing of NHSD small electrical appliances at all sites

Project code: W0293

4 April 2022 Requirement under development Draft TBC

Network and Connectivity delivery partner for the BC4H programme

Project code: W0316

13 September 2021 Telecommunications Procurement D

Procurement of a Partner(s) for Development and Support of Digital Testing Services  - Multiple phases

Project code: W0022

31 December 2021 Technical Development and Design Services Draft I/J

Download a copy of the procurement pipeline

We have provided some extra information within the read me first section within this spreadsheet. This includes information on how to submit your interest in potential opportunities.   


Opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

We want to buy goods and services from SMEs whenever they are offering the best value for money. 

Find out more about bidding for government contracts in the doing business with government guide for SMEs.


Frameworks are agreements put in place with a supplier or range of suppliers that enables us to place orders for services without running lengthy full tendering exercises.  Framework agreements provide an efficient and effective means of combining the benefits of reduced process costs and enhanced buying power resulting from a consolidation of requirements. 

An increasing amount of our procurement is through a range of frameworks that have been negotiated by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) or other public procurement organisations.

Tenders will be invited from all suppliers on the framework agreement or relevant lot within the framework if it is broken down by lots. If there are many potential suppliers, the commercial team might carry out a capability assessment before inviting bids.

How we decide which framework to use

Our aim is to acquire goods and services at best value, ensuring a fair and reasonable involvement of stakeholders and suppliers.

Once a requirement has been identified, we will evaluate whether there is an existing framework in place which could meet that need.  Only If there are no existing arrangements will an alternative sourcing strategy will be developed.

We have procured through the following frameworks over the last 6 months.  

Some of these frameworks have now expired and been replaced with newer versions, some are live but closed to further applications and some will be accepting supplier applications.

Framework agreements replaced with newer versions Replacement framework agreement Value of procurements through this route
CCS - Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3, Lot 1 RM1043.6 G
CCS - Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 RM1043.6 E
CCS - G-Cloud 10, Lot 2 (Cloud Software) RM1557 D
CCS - G-Cloud 9, Lot 2 (Cloud Software) RM1557 D
CCS - G-Cloud 10, Lot 3 (Cloud Support) RM1557 B
CCS - Technology Products 2, Lot 2 (Software) RM6068 A

To become a supplier on a framework you need to respond successfully to a contract notice published in the Find a Tender (FTS) service. The new UK e-notification service where notices for new procurements are required to be published in place of the Official Journal of the European Union’s Tenders Electronic Daily (OJEU/TED) 

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding procurement opportunities, please email:

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