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Finding contracting opportunities

We publish regular pipeline information to provide a forward look of potential contracting opportunities. 

Important information

Procurement pipeline published: July 2020


Next review: November 2020


The pipeline identifies projects greater than £185,000 for procurements not yet awarded.


Please be aware that there is no guarantee that any published pipeline project will lead to a tender publication as we may decide not to proceed with the contract.


The information reflects our anticipated procurement pipeline as at the report date, and is subject to change. 


The information and material contained in this report is provided for general information purposes only. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies.


NHS Digital makes no commitment that the:


  • requirements identified will be procured
  • annual value of any contract will be as stated
  • timing of any future procurement exercises will be as stated

The procurement pipeline provides a forward view of potential commercial activity and can be accessed below. 

The information includes the:

  • project title
  • estimated value
  • estimated date when the contract will be awarded

You can also search for 'NHS Digital contract opportunities' on the government's Contract Finder. It provides details of all ‘closed’ opportunities where the tender process has finished as well as procurements not yet awarded.

How to use the procurement pipeline

Understanding the headings 

Description: description of the procurement along with its reference number (project code)

Contract award forecast: proposed schedule date for awarding the contract

Category: type of spend

Procurement status: see procurement status definitions

Value band: see value banding 

Value banding 

B: £185,000 to £250,000

C: £250,000 to £500,000

D: £500,000 to £1 million

E: £1 million to £5 million

F: £5 million to £10 million

G: £10 million to £25 million

H: £25 million to £50 million 

I: £50 million to £100 million 

J: £100 million to £250 million 

Procurement status definitions 

Pipeline idea: in define stage, the need is being understood and the likely commercial requirements are not yet known

Pipeline planned: in define stage, the need is understood and high level specification being developed - we can predict with some confidence indicative key dates for the project

In flight: in define stage, procurement resources assigned

Reprocurement: procurement of goods and services that are a recurring requirement 

Procurement pipeline

Description Contract award forecast Category Procurement status Value band

Veeam ELA reprocurement

Project code: prj_1219

January 2021 Software Reprocurement D

IBM licence and support renewal

Project code: prj_1956

January 2021 Software Reprocurement B

AppDynamics APM

Project code: prj_314

November 2020 Software Reprocurement B

Adobe ETLA

Project code: prj_316

September 2020 Software Reprocurement B

Identity and access management software renewal

Project code: prj_3257

August 2021 Authentication server software Reprocurement B

Novell ZENworks

Project code: prj_3589

November 2020 Software Pipeline - idea Unknown

Cyber - advance threat detection (ATD): discovery phase

Project code: prj_3755

December 2020 Cyber support services and systems Pipeline - idea E

Cyber - accredited training packages

Project code: prj_3756

December 2020 Development and training - unclassified Pipeline - idea D

Federated Data Query for analytics - cyber

Project code: prj_3757

November 2020 Cyber support services and systems Pipeline - idea B

Zero trust authentication - cyber

Project code: prj_3758

December 2020 Cyber support services and systems Pipeline - idea E

Attack simulation platform - cyber

Project code: prj_3759

April 2021 Cyber support services and systems Pipeline - idea E

Encryption enhancements - cyber

Project code: prj_3760

April 2021 Cyber support services and systems Pipeline - idea F

Multimedia and creativity software product suite renewal

Project code: prj_4083

September 2020 Specialist software (SaaS) Pipeline - planned C

Reasonable adjustment furniture

Project code: prj_4097

October 2020 Office furniture Pipeline - planned C

Accessing professional services  - complex transformation support

Project code: prj_4119

September 2020 Strategy consultancy Pipeline - planned F

Accessing professional services - strategic technical advice

Project code: prj_4121

October 2020 Strategy consultancy Pipeline - planned F

Digital capability for health framework

Project code: prj_4337

March 2021 Software or hardware engineering Pipeline - planned J

SAS licences

Project code: prj_4348

November 2020 Software Pipeline - planned D

Adult psychiatric morbidity survey 2021

Project code: prj_4359

October 2020 Market research Pipeline - planned E

Online recruitment assessments system

Project code: prj_4368

July 2021 Human resources software Pipeline - planned C

Skills and performance management system

Project code: prj_4370

March 2021 Human resources software Pipeline - planned C

Talent management system

Project code: prj_4371

March 2021 Human resources software Pipeline - planned C

Confidential reporting platform

Project code: prj_4373

August 2021 Human resources software Pipeline - planned B

Replacement digital signage solution

Project code: prj_4402

August 2020 Software Pipeline - planned B

Testing service development, delivery and run

Project code: prj_4427

August 2020 Development outcomes Pipeline - planned F

Strategy - tactical intervention

Project code: prj_4444

September 2020 Strategy consultancy Pipeline - idea Unknown

Manned security services for Exeter

Project code: prj_4465

October 2020 Security guard services Pipeline - planned C

Content management system support and development services

Project code: prj_4468

September 2020 Web platform development software Pipeline - planned E

Oracle database support renewal 2021

Project code: prj_4503

April 2021 Technical support or help desk services Pipeline - planned E

Compliant process for NHS Digital apprenticeship programme

Project code: prj_4507

To be confirmed  Human resources Pipeline - planned E

End to end graduate recruitment and NHS Digital branding

Project code: prj_4510

To be confirmed Recruitment Pipeline - planned B

Carbon black licensing and support renewal

Project code: prj_4542

October 2020 Security software Pipeline - planned B

Trace customer relation management (CRM) solution

Project code: prj_4548

August 2020 Customer relationship management (CRM) software Pipeline - planned G

Accessing professional services: audit, risk and assurance

Project code: prj_4549

October 2020 Audit services Pipeline - planned E

Test, Trace, Contain (TTC) technical and delivery support

Project code: prj_4552

September 2020 Technical services - unclassified Pipeline - idea E

Test, Trace, Contain (TTC) Test Digital Platform and Services

Project code: prj_4575

November 2020 ICT Services Pipeline - idea To be confirmed

Quest/Dell software contract

Project code: prj_581

November 2020 Software - unclassified Reprocurement B

Redis/RabbitMQ renewal

Project code: prj_66

September 2020 Software or hardware engineering Reprocurement B

Data platform migration support

Project code: tbc

To be confirmed Technical services - unclassified Pipeline - planned To be confirmed

Download a copy of the procurement pipeline

We have provided some extra information within the read me first section within this spreadsheet. This includes information on how to submit your interest in potential opportunities.   

Opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

We want to buy goods and services from SMEs whenever they are offering the best value for money. 

Find out more about bidding for government contracts in the doing business with government guide for SMEs.


Frameworks are agreements put in place with a supplier or range of suppliers that enables us to place orders for services without running lengthy full tendering exercises.  Framework agreements provide an efficient and effective means of combining the benefits of reduced process costs and enhanced buying power resulting from a consolidation of requirements. 

An increasing amount of our procurement is through a range of frameworks that have been negotiated by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) or other public procurement organisations.

Tenders will be invited from all suppliers on the framework agreement or relevant lot within the framework if it is broken down by lots. If there are many potential suppliers, the commercial team might carry out a capability assessment before inviting bids.

How we decide which framework to use

Our aim is to acquire goods and services at best value, ensuring a fair and reasonable involvement of stakeholders and suppliers.

Once a requirement has been identified, we will evaluate whether there is an existing framework in place which could meet that need.  Only If there are no existing arrangements will an alternative sourcing strategy will be developed.

We have procured through the following frameworks over the last 6 months.  

Framework agreements
Live framework agreements Value of procurements through this route
NHS SBS - IT Solutions (Networks, Software, Hardware & IT Services) F
CCS Public Sector Resourcing (PSR) RM3749 D
CCS - G-Cloud 11 (All Lots) D
CCS - Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 E
CCS - Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems C
South of England Procurement Services (SOEP) - Back Office Functions F10749 C
NHS Digital - BIS DPS B

Some of these frameworks have now expired and been replaced with newer versions, some are live but closed to further applications and some will be accepting supplier applications.

Framework agreements replaced with newer versions Replacement framework agreement Value of procurements through this route
CCS - Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3, Lot 1 RM1043.6 G
CCS - Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 RM1043.6 E
CCS - G-Cloud 10, Lot 2 (Cloud Software) RM1557 D
CCS - G-Cloud 9, Lot 2 (Cloud Software) RM1557 D
CCS - G-Cloud 10, Lot 3 (Cloud Support) RM1557 B
CCS - Technology Products 2, Lot 2 (Software) RM6068 A

To become a supplier on a framework you need to respond successfully to a contract notice published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), agree and sign to confirm agreement of all associated terms and be awarded a place on the framework. 

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding procurement opportunities, please email:

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