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Urgent and emergency care digital integration

NHS Digital’s Urgent and Emergency Care Digital Integration (UECDI) programme is helping people get the right care, first time by improving the flow of information through the urgent and emergency care system.

This programme was formerly known as the clinical triage platform.

Top tasks

Learn about the different technical systems and standards used in urgent and emergency care

Read the implementation guide for the clinical decision support API developed by the UECDI programme.

The challenge

Patients travelling through the urgent and emergency care system do not always have a seamless journey. Information about their condition may pass through multiple data systems which don’t always connect to each other, and patients may have to see different clinicians, go to multiple places or repeat the same information before receiving the care they need.

Our offer

The UECDI programme aims to improve this patient journey. It will develop standards, support and products for providers and suppliers of urgent emergency care services that will:

  • give healthcare professionals better access to information about patients
  • help to improve the flow of information between clinical decision support systems (CDSS), including providing a CDSS conformance framework
  • encourage faster adoption of technology and help systems to integrate with each other
  • allow safe and secure collection, storage and sharing of data to inform how UEC services are developed.


By improving the flow of digital information and accelerating the use of new technology, systems and standards, we can improve the chances of urgent and emergency care patients to be seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right clinician. This will provide a better patient experience and help to relieve pressure on frontline services.

Providers will also be able to choose a combination of systems that meet their needs when designing their services.

Contact us

Are you a provider or supplier of digital UEC services? If you want to find out more about this new programme of work, including how to get involved, contact us

Last edited: 2 March 2020 2:25 pm