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Integrated Care Programme


The Integrated Care Programme is working to join up IT systems across health and social care. Making IT systems interoperable with each other will transform health and social care for professionals, patients and service users.

Standardising health records

The first stage of the programme has involved focusing on the important transfers of care between health settings, including mental health, inpatient and emergency care discharges and outpatient letters.   

By standardising the structure and content of electronic health records, clinicians and social care professionals will be able to record, share and access health data consistently across different care settings.

Sharing important health data

The second stage of the programme's work will be to enable the sharing of more detailed flags and alerts, care plans and prescribing data.


This work enables improved care decisions because health and social care professionals will have immediate, secure access to complete and accurate health and care information. We're working closely with the Royal Colleges, via the Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB), to develop and agree common document and message standards, ensuring clinical buy-in and adoption.

The Integrated Care Programme also builds system interface standards to help other programmes deliver products that bring benefits for the health and care system. These standards enable different health and care IT systems to connect, reducing the need for health and social care providers to build their own versions of the same systems.

Last edited: 11 April 2018 5:44 pm