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What this means for the transformation of NHS Digital and our stakeholders

Becoming a truly digital organisation

There are significant implications of the proposed actions on how we work as individuals and an organisation. We must become much more responsive to our stakeholders and customers. We must reduce lead times for the development of new capabilities. We must adopt agile methodologies more pervasively in our programme and service delivery.

What we will do:

  • Run an organisation-wide programme of workshops to effectively communicate and engage with our staff regarding the outcome of the Capability Review and the action plan.

  • Develop a programme to instil a much more customer-focused culture across the organisation.

  • Implement our plan for 'smart working', including the greater use of technologies to support mobile and flexible working and collaboration.

Modernising our use of technology

The Review has highlighted the opportunities for making better use of technology and information to improve processes and increase automation to support key functions including:

  • workforce planning
  • assurance
  • commercial and procurement tools and platform;
  • better intelligence about our stakeholders, through corporate use of CRM
  • digital services for staff as well as customers
  • operational management such as incident management and response

What we will do:

  • Reduce, rationalise and update the technology we use by creating an enterprise-wide deployment plan for modern, integrated tools.

Our stakeholders

There are some implications for our stakeholders as we implement the recommendations of the Capability Review.

There have been many structured stakeholder conversations as part of the Review. From these, it is apparent that they want us to reform and increase their confidence in our ability to deliver Personalised Health and Care 2020. However, there is not a consistent view of some aspects of NHS Digital's role, for example regarding:

  • the precise scope of the Enterprise Architecture Board
  • the exact role of NHS Digital in working with local organisations to encourage adoption of technology and data

We must avoid overlap and inconsistency with the DDB and its sub-groups as we implement the assurance recommendations. Stakeholders need to recognise the efficacy of these recommendations and not duplicate them. The actions recommended within the assurance section above are intended to resolve these.

Programme Boards operating at Domain level (chaired usually by the Domain SRO) are not yet operating consistently, with broad and committed membership, common outcomes and relationships with the NHS Digital domain and programme teams.

What we will do:

  • Sponsor a series of workshops with relevant stakeholders to resolve the remaining questions around the scope of NHS Digital.

  • Sponsor a workshop with Domain SROs to define and agree the membership and modus operandi of Domain Programme Boards.

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