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Covering letter from Noel Gordon to our stakeholders

Download the covering letter from Noel Gordon

Download the full Fit for 2020 - Report from the NHS Digital Capability Review

As an organisation committed to continuous improvement we recently commissioned an independent capability review which has informed our response in Fit for 2020.

Fit for 2020 re-enforces NHS Digital's vision of providing IT and data to improve health and care for patients and describes what we need to do to improve what we do and outlines our ambitions for the future.

Just over a week ago we published our annual report which brought into focus what we've achieved over the past year and provided an opportunity to celebrate successes like the new NHSmail2 programme, the Electronic Prescription Service and the 100% reliability of NHS Spine - saving more than £21million in running costs in the process. 

We are rightly proud of these achievements but there's still much more to do.

We are reinventing the culture of NHS Digital to become more flexible and responsive to the very dynamic environment in which we operate and to help this organisation meet the high expectations of the professionals and public we serve.

This is the drive behind Fit for 2020 to meet the demands of Personalised Health and Care 2020 and support the objectives set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

There are areas of excellence alongside parts of our organisation where we need to do better and Fit for 2020 describes how we are going to continue to improve, meet and exceed the challenges which lie ahead of us.

Our vision is to harness the power of information and technology to make health and care better for patients and the people who work in the service and I believe Fit for 2020 clearly describes how we are going to be true to our ambition through this bold statement of intent.

Yours faithfully,

Noel Gordon


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