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NHS login

We are developing a single, easy to use system for verifying the identity of those requesting access to digital health records and services, so that we can ensure people only access information about themselves and those they care for.

NHS login - making identity verification simple

NHS login is important in supporting infrastructure for many other Personalised Health and Care 2020 programmes and could be used by other NHS Digital national programmes, local initiatives, and other government organisations.

At the moment, patients can access health records through a variety of local and national online systems. Different systems require users to verify their identity in different ways, which means gaining access can be complicated and time consuming. 

A single identity verification system will make it simpler for patients to access digital records and services. As a result, they will be able to make better, more informed health and care decisions which will improve their health and therefore reduce demand on frontline services.

NHS login will also reduce burden and costs for local health and care organisations who would otherwise need to procure systems individually.

As a foundation for this work, we are working closely with system suppliers, clinicians and the public to develop identity standards, and we are carrying out local testing and trialling of different services to ensure both patient and system needs are met.

Last edited: 15 November 2018 2:35 pm