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Empower the Person (formerly domain A)

Improved digital access to health and care information and transactions is essential to support people in making health and care choices.

We are developing digital technologies that put people in charge of their own health and care, whilst reducing pressure on front-line NHS services. Our new tools and services will help people:

  • make informed decisions about their own healthcare
  • interact with and make choices about health and care services

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Programmes under domain A


The NHS App will be a simple way for patients in England to connect to digital health services on their mobile or tablet. The app is being developed and tested now. It will be rolled out gradually across England from December 2018.

NHS login

NHS login is a service that provides a way to check the identity of patients and match them to their NHS records. It provides patients with a simple and single way to securely access multiple digital health and social care services. NHS login is safe and secure and ensures that people can only access information about themselves. 

NHS website (NHS.UK)

To help people better manage their health and care, we’ve made the information on easier to read. The new homepage has been developed to be mobile-friendly with clearer text, faster loading images and a new design that makes it easier to read and use for everyone.

The website address remains the same but you no longer see the 'NHS Choices' logo on the website, it simply retains the trusted NHS brand.

NHS Apps Library

The NHS Apps Library provides trusted digital tools for patients and the public to manage and improve their health. It has been launched as a beta site and over time will grow to cover more health and care needs.

Widening Digital Participation

The Widening Digital Participation programme was set up to help the millions of people who lack the confidence and skills to access and use digital health services and information and benefit from their convenience. 

Personal Health Record

A Personal Health Record (PHR) is a personal digital space for health and care that enables members of the public to take greater control of their health by accessing a range of information.


The NHS WiFi programme is rolling out WiFi access for staff and patients across NHS providers. WiFi will allow patients, visitors, and staff to connect to the internet using their digital devices, including computers, tablets, and smart phones.