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Digital medicines (formerly domain E)

Making sure patients and the NHS get the best value from medicines and pharmacy by making prescribing and dispensing safer and more efficient, supporting the integration of pharmacy into the wider NHS and making the most of medicines data.

Digitising community pharmacy (programme 17)

The Electronic Prescription Service will be enhanced, extended to new care settings and used for all eligible prescriptions. A digital system to check whether patients are exempt from prescription charges will be introduced.

Medicines data (programme 18)

We will help the NHS improve its understanding of the use, cost, safety and effectiveness of medicines by providing high quality, comprehensive data that can be used to improve patient safety and outcomes to users across healthcare. 

Integrating pharmacy across care settings (programme 19)

The integration of pharmacy services across the health and care system will be supported by digital solutions that ensure pharmacists can safely and securely access, record and share patient data.