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Data outcomes for research and oversight (domain H)

The latest technology will be used to analyse data for the health and social care system, for better policy, preventions and treatments.

Domain H will help commissioners, care providers, researchers and policy makers link health and social care data at patient level and make it available at near to real-time. This will allow health and social care services to be analysed, to help them become safer, more effective, caring, responsive, fair and efficient.

The NHS generates huge amounts of data every day. Effective use of this allows us to understand:

  • the demand for different services
  • geographical and demographic variations
  • how well different treatments work

Access to near real-time data will show how local health needs are changing and help to identify how to respond. It will also show variations in access or treatments and help to understand the reasons. 

Collecting existing data more efficiently will save time when patients are being treated and save money across the NHS and social care.

This information is critical to the efficient running, planning and development of the NHS. We will use the latest technology to enable data to be analysed in new and different ways, for the health and social care system.

Improved and more secure access to data, for researchers and commissioners, will help to create better policy, improve care and create new ways to prevent and treat disease.

Programmes under domain H

Improving our data processing services 

We are developing our data services  to improve the security, processing and transparency of health and care data for planning and research.

Data content and new data collections

We will develop how existing data is used and transform data collection, to achieve close to real-time data flows, where this would have most impact. This will reduce the burden on health and social care providers and allow better and faster analysis at local, regional and national level.