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Transforming health and care through technology

Delivering the strategy set out in Personalised Health and Care 2020.

Personalised Health and Care 2020 is a strategy published by the National Information Board, outlining how the health and care system will use data and technology, to transform outcomes for patients and citizens in the coming years.

NHS Digital has an important part to play in this work. The work streams have been divided into 10 delivery domains, which describe the programmes of activity, existing services and plans for the future. Some are at an early stage and information will be added as work progresses.

We will work with our partners across the health and care system to make this vision of a joined-up, digital health service a reality. If you would like more information, or to get involved with any of the programmes, contact

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    Fit for 2020 - Report from the NHS Digital Capability Review

    NHS Digital already has an important role to play as the technology and data partner for the health and care system. From 2017, our role has increased significantly, as we have been tasked with delivering the commitments set out in the National Information Board's strategy for Personalised Health and Care 2020.

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    Empower the Person (formerly domain A)

    Improved digital access to health and care information and transactions is essential to support people in making health and care choices.

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    Urgent and emergency care (formerly domain B)

    Helping to deliver the national urgent and emergency care strategy by providing the infrastructure, systems, technology and processes that enable the development of digital urgent care services.

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    Transforming general practice (formerly domain C)

    Working to free GPs from time-consuming admin and offer patients better self-care through online services, rather than having to visit to their GP.

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    Integrated Care (domain D)

    Working to enable seamless care delivery across different health and care settings.

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    Digital medicines (formerly domain E)

    Making sure patients and the NHS get the best value from medicines and pharmacy by making prescribing and dispensing safer and more efficient, supporting the integration of pharmacy into the wider NHS and making the most of medicines data.

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    Elective care (formerly domain F)

    Improving the management of referrals and the booking of appointments, to give patients a better choice for treatment.

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    Paper free at point of care (formerly domain G)

    NHS Digital is working to equip the health and care system with world-class technology and ensure the workforce has the skills to get the most out of it.

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    Data outcomes for research and oversight (domain H)

    The latest technology will be used to analyse data for the health and social care system, for better policy, preventions and treatments.

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    Infrastructure (domain I)

    The infrastructure domain links health and social care organisations together - enabling information to move and be accessed securely from different settings. It supports and maintains strong and future-proof national systems and networks.

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    Public trust and security (formerly domain J)

    Building public trust and confidence in how health and care services look after confidential information and use it to benefit health and care.

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