2. Your choices on information we hold about you

Where we collect and use information that could identify you, you can make certain choices, including whether to opt out of sharing your confidential patient information.

Further information

1. Understanding the health and care information we collect

3. NHS Digital's legal right to collect information

Opting out of sharing your confidential patient information

You can decide if health and care information that could identify you is used to improve everyone's health and care, or only used for your own health and care.

Consenting to collections or withdrawing your consent

Some collections are not covered by type 2 opt-outs.

Make choices about your Summary Care Record

We help information on you to be shared efficiently with the professionals that care for you through the Summary Care Record system. You can opt out of having a Summary Care Record.

Ask to see the information we hold about you

You can ask to see the information that NHS Digital holds about you. This is called a subject access request.