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Use of personal data in NHS Digital’s corporate email communications


Why and how we process your data and how NHS Digital’s communications team uses personal data in bulk email communications with the NHS and care system and your rights.  


Controller NHS Digital
How we use the information (processing activities) NHS Digital’s corporate communications team send bulk emails to people across the health and care system to help them get the best out of our products and services and stay abreast of new standards and requirements for the use of data and digital technology. We maintain email distribution lists for key groups in the health and care system (for example, GP practice staff, Chief Information Officers, and pharmacy professionals) and use these lists to distribute regular bulletins and one-off announcements. We ask people on these distribution lists to provide information about themselves to help us make these communications more useful. For example, by understanding the job roles recipients in GP practices are performing, we can tailor our emails to their needs. We also collect information about how recipients use our emails. This helps us make our emails more effective. For example, information about the number of recipients who open and click links in a bulletin shows us how useful people found it and helps us make the next bulletin more useful.
Does this contain sensitive (special category) data such as health information? No
Is data transferred outside the UK? We use the Granicus GovDelivery platform to hold mailing list data. The servers are based in the United States and the data is protected as the company participates in the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.
How long the data is kept We will hold your information for as long as you are using our bulletins. On an annual basis, we will contact subscribers who have not opened or clicked on a link for a consecutive period of 11 months. We will ask if they still wish to receive the bulletin. If they do, they will be directed to the subscription page to update their preferences or will be offered the opportunity to unsubscribe.
Your rights
  • Tick Be informed
  • Tick Get access to it
  • Tick Rectify or change it
  • Cross Erase or remove it
  • Tick Restrict or stop processing it
  • Cross Move, copy or transfer it
  • Tick Object to it being processed or used
  • Tick Know if a decision was made by a computer rather than a person
How can you withdraw your consent?

You can unsubscribe at any time by visiting our bulletins page or by selecting the unsubscribe link in the bulletins you receive.

The legal basis for collecting this data

We use email distribution lists to help fulfil our role in improving the use of technology in the NHS and care system and to help professionals across the health and care system do their jobs effectively. We do this in line with the Health and Social Care Act (2012), Schedule 18, part 10 (1) and General Data Protection Regulation article (6)(1)(e).

You may be added to a distribution list if research done by NHS Digital indicates that you are in one of the key audience groups with whom we need to share information.

If you are on a bulletin list and don’t want to be, you have the right to be removed.

Anybody can ask to be added to any of our email distribution lists. By choosing to receive our communications, you are consenting to NHS Digital collecting and using your data to improve our email communications.