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Pearn Kandola Human Resource Tools: GDPR information


Pearn Kandola Human Resource Tools supports development of a culture of inclusion.

Controller NHS Digital
How we use the information (processing activities)

The purpose of the Pearn Kandola HR Tools supports specialist consultancy across Human Resources and Culture management. There are three tools provided by Pearn Kandola to NHS Digital: A 360 feedback exercise linked to a model of inclusion. Feedback is provided on inclusion in general, and not specific characteristics such as race, sex etc. Individuals answer a series of randomised questions to provide feedback on how inclusive you are. Guidance on how to become more inclusive is also given. Implicit Associations Test (IAT); Individuals undertake an exercise based on a rapid response to words and images exercise. The results provide an insight into whether you have an unconscious preference towards black or white people. There is no right or wrong answer, and the result is purely for your own awareness.

Does this contain sensitive (special category) data such as health information? Yes
Who are recipients of this data?

NHS Digital for administration and supplier for support purposes

Is data transferred outside the UK? This data is not transferred out of the UK
How long the data is kept Retention period is in common with the HR record; trigger for review is when Staff member leaves, keep until 75th birthday. Once project or contract ends the supplier deletes all data.
Our lawful basis for holding this data Legitimate interests
Your rights
  • Tick Be informed
  • Tick Get access to it
  • Tick Rectify or change it
  • Tick Erase or remove it
  • Tick Restrict or stop processing it
  • Cross Move, copy or transfer it
  • Tick Object to it being processed or used
  • Tick Know if a decision was made by a computer rather than a person
How can you withdraw your consent?

To discuss your rights on withdrawing consent or opting out of the data you can email our customer service centre or call us on 0300 303 5678.

Is the data subject to decisions made solely by computers? (automated decision making) No
Where does this data come from? Staff
The legal basis for collecting this data

Consent of participants, use of the tools is not mandatory  

Article 6 (1f) – Legitimate interests