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Brexit support through the Trust System Support Model

You may be aware of the Trust System Support Model (TSSM) service that NHS Digital provides, working with NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Following the recent vote in Parliament rejecting the current Brexit deal, we would like to confirm to you that we stand ready to provide you with support through the TSSM should the UK leave the European Union on 29 March 2019 with no deal.

We recognise that you will all be planning for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and will be doing your own independent assessments, possibly looking into areas such as:

  • reviewing your technology contracts in line with the DHSC questionnaire
  • assessing any potential constraints to business activities as a result of data hosting arrangements
  • identifying systems running close to capacity where there may be a need to bring forward hardware purchases
  • assessing whether systems upgrades planned around the Brexit period may need to be rescheduled
  • dealing with the possibility of technology staff shortages by broadening out your supply chain
  • testing your levels of resilience to combat against cyber threat
  • confirming business continuity with technology and digital suppliers where associated delivery and/or support services are from the EU suppliers or workforce

If you feel that your trust requires support with the activities above or any others associated with our EU withdrawal, please could you email with the subject line “Brexit Support”.

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