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Tosin Balogun

Tosin is an interaction designer for the public NHS website


I have always had an affinity with art, technology and social good. I would often make doodles of people around me on my textbooks during class.

I joined the NHS straight out of university as a business support operator. It felt like a perfect match, as the NHS values strongly aligned with my own values. I was always the one trying to make things less stressful for customers and my colleagues by playing around with IT tools and striving to improve the business process.

What people often remember is the people they did something for and the people they did something with – so it is all about people.

Currently, I am an interaction designer, which means helping people access services and get accurate health information.

My role is super rewarding as I ensure that the NHS values are seen, heard and felt by the public who are using digital products to interact with the us.

One theme is consistent: it is all about people.

Job title: Interaction Designer

Last edited: 20 July 2022 11:34 am