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Shahzad Ali

Shahzad is the clinical lead for the Interoperable Medicines programme

I’ve been interested in informatics since my pharmacy pre-registration training. I was inspired by my pharmacy tutor and a pharmacy technician who I worked with after completing my Master’s degree. I’ve seen how the use of electronic systems in healthcare is a game changer; not only for patients but also for all the staff involved.

For three-and-a-half years I worked in Qatar as the prescribing informatics lead in a state-of-the-art, US-affiliated digital medical hospital. The technology was phenomenal: electronic drug charts, robots for dispensing medications, and barcoded medical administration to ensure the right patient got the right medication at the right time.

I've always made a concerted effort to keep working in both clinical and informatics roles, creating a better environment for patient care and staff.

I gained experience in Qatar from American and Canadian experts to whom digital healthcare was second to none. I also learned how to navigate challenging situations, so when I came back to the UK I could learn from and also help my teams develop. This was not just about following US systems but reaching a consensus on the best way forward for the NHS.

I was the Data Flow Clinical Lead for the COVID-19 Vaccination programme where, as a team with a diverse array of backgrounds, we were able to deliver under immense pressure to help patients and clinicians. Now, as Clinical Lead for the Interoperable Medicines Programme, I’m looking to ensure that medicines and patient information is joined up and shared safely.

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