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Sally Bogg

Head of Live Services (Service Management)

The people I work with all the time are the managers responsible for everything from major incident management to IT service continuity. They work hard and fast to ensure that everything is in place and that our services are there for people.

I started my career in technology 15 years ago when I enrolled at college as a mature student to learn how to use a computer. I fell in love with education and technology and went on to complete a technology degree in computing. My first job was in the IT department at the University of Leeds and it was there that I came across service management. It’s not about being a techie, but managing services and managing people. That’s the part of digital delivery that interests me and plays to my strength.

Ultimately it is people, not technology, that deliver services. It is people that do good work and make things happen.

NHS Digital serves as diverse a population as you can get. So it’s important that the people designing and delivering services understand different perceptions and points of view.

Technology can be a very male, middle-class environment, and I’ve found that the things that make me different are also often areas where I can add value. Technology needs more diversity, and I am trying to do my bit.

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