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Mike Fell

Mike is Executive Director of National Cyber Security Operations

Executive Director of National Cyber Security Operations

I love a cheesy management slogan every now and then. “Surround yourself with people who are great at what you're not good at” isn’t a bad one. I also quite like “Perfection is the enemy of good enough.” But the advice that sticks with me most is probably “Do what you're afraid of”.

That has variously resulted in me finding myself in an armoured vehicle in Afghanistan, as a diplomat armed only with a pen; sat on the BBC Breakfast red sofa sweating buckets wondering why I'd suggested doing media training; and finding myself 50 metres under the North Sea inside a wreck in 6 degree water, wondering why on earth I'd taken up scuba diving in the UK as a hobby.  

I've worked with some amazing leaders and I've always tried to learn from them and, occasionally, from their mistakes.

I moved to NHS Digital in 2022 from being Head of Cyber Security Operations and Deputy Chief Security Officer at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). I’ve had a really interesting career in security, from my time at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to supporting the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

I’ve landed in a team with a really strong reputation across government. That was one of the attractions of coming to the NHS. My priorities? Ensuring we are an inclusive place to work where different views and experiences help make us stronger.

Individuals and organisations manage cyber risk every day – from phishing attacks to viruses. So we’ve also got to keep focussing on transparency around cyber risk and make sure that we are delivering proportionate security that supports those delivering care.

I’m proud to lead the teams that support cyber resilience across health and social care. Doing so improves lives through data and technology.