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Lauren Latham

Lauren Latham, Head of Product for screening


I’ve worked for private healthcare companies in the past, where you focus on selling products that might only be used by a portion of the population. At NHS Digital, you are working on products and services that will potentially impact the entire UK, which is what really attracted me to working here.

My first venture into technology was to implement an electronic prescribing system, after 10 years working in acute hospitals as a pharmacy technician.

It's really exciting when you learn something about your users that you didn't forsee and can use technology to make improvements you wouldn't have thought possible a couple of years ago.

I then became a product manager and found my calling because it’s basically the role of a mini CEO. You have to look at everything that affects your product, from bugs or defects to carrying out user research to understand users’ needs and pain points. Since then, I have focused on developing high performing product teams and I love every aspect of my role.

Now I am head of product for screening, looking at how the latest and greatest technology can be used in a safe and effective way to transform NHS services.

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