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Justine Brightwell

Justine is Programme Head for GP IT Futures

Programme Head, GP IT Futures


I like taking on the hard stuff and getting things done. For instance, we are currently working to get a new clinical supplier system live in GP practices. That’s not easy to say the least but, when we get it done, it will improve choice and the market environment for the front line. I find that really motivating.

My NHS journey began when I worked in project management at Connecting for Health, a predecessor organisation of NHS Digital, and then worked on the corporate transformation programme that formed this organisation.

After this, I knew I wanted to get back into delivering technology to people, so I joined GP Systems of Choice (better known as GPSoC), which was a framework for getting IT systems and services into GP practices.

I like taking on the hard stuff and getting things done.

I am now the lead for the GP IT Futures programme which has succeeded GPSoC. We assure IT solutions that are on the market and place them on a digital catalogue: one place that health and care providers can search to find high-quality solutions that fit their needs.

Importantly, the catalogue model can be used in other sectors such as secondary care, adult social care and the justice system. This can help us work in a much more joined up way in the future.

In the world of GP IT systems and digital solutions, we don’t get a great deal of publicity or positive recognition, so it is really fantastic to have been nominated for a Woman of the Year award in the Women in Tech Excellence Awards. I’m thinking of it as a positive reflection on all the incredibly committed people I work with.


Justine is a finalist for the Woman of the Year award at the Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2022.