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Dan Wintercross

Dan is the Programme Director for GP IT Futures

Programme Director GP IT Futures

I love the scale and pace of the work we do. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to improve the health care the NHS provides, and this is what motivates me and my team.  

At university, I studied history and sociology, then I started my career in the Local Government Association’s fast-track graduate scheme. It was during this time I really got interested in making government service better, more digitised, efficient and accessible.  

I went on to lead Ofgem’s digital domestic renewable energy scheme, then the national register to vote service at the Cabinet Office. After that, I was responsible for the Brexit trade portfolio in the Department for International Trade.  

COVID-19 testing was a baptism of fire.

The pandemic had just reached the UK when I joined the Department of Health and Social Care, so working on COVID-19 testing was a baptism of fire. I led Pharmacy Collect and the online ordering of test kits for the public.  

I moved to the GP IT Futures programme in early 2022 because I could see the scale, and, with 1 million appointments facilitated by GP practices each day in England, there are vast opportunities to improve the lives of patients and the NHS workforce.