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Claire Dellar

Claire is a lead product manager in our Digital Services for Integrated Care team

Lead Product Manager


My job is to make sure that the services we create truly help people. I build the teams that can achieve that.

I joined NHS Digital (now NHS England) about 9 years ago as a benefits manager. I was already established in that community: I helped write the textbooks used for the international qualification. I wrote the benefits management training for the NHS and some for the Chartered Association for Project Management. I also helped write the newly published British Standard, which is going through the process of becoming an international standard.

I’m now a product manager, leading the vision and strategy for life-saving NHS technology products such as cancer screening management systems.

I’m also championing accessibility in my current field of Digital Primary Care and I’m a member of the NHS England Accessibility Working group. As a neurodiverse, disabled person this work is incredibly important to me.

If you make something accessible for people with an access need, you make it easier to use for everybody.

We think I’m the first person in our organisation to have a personal assistant as one of my reasonable adjustments for my type of disability. She manages administrative tasks and briefs me on important actions, so I can dedicate my time and energy to work that makes the most of my expertise.

I have fibromyalgia, likely caused by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. This affects me in many ways, including chronic pain, fatigue, memory problems and brain fog. Energy management is balancing act, which is why I recently started using a wheelchair. This helps me save my energy for things that matter to me, rather than simply moving from A to B.

I also have dyslexia. That means I’m excellent at big-picture thinking but also means that things can get a bit chaotic in my brain and I have accessibility needs when it comes to physical spaces and technology.

I work with both the product and user-centred design professions, who have the most influence on accessibility for our public and system-facing services. I’m also working on influencing the accessibility of our internal communication and services as well.

One of my main messages when I talk to colleagues: If you make something accessible for people with an access need, you make it easier to use for everybody.