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Chris Day

Chris is a clinical informatics manager working in our cyber security team

Clinical Informatics Manager


My frontline colleagues will often ask, “What’s clinical got to do with cyber?” and I answer: “Turn that machine off and try to work.”

Cyber attacks are a patient safety issue in the NHS. It would be much harder to provide the best care possible if we lost access to our critical IT systems. I’m a physiotherapist by background, so I know first-hand how important these systems are.

After 10 years of working in multiple areas, from rapid response to acute care wards, I moved into a Trust digital services team as a clinical change manager. I would clinically assess new or changing digital products and services to make sure they were safe. From this role I then clinically led the implementation of an Electronic Patient Record and was actively involved in its ongoing development.

I really enjoy the work I do in NHS England because I’m contributing to keeping the whole NHS safe.

I joined NHS Digital (now NHS England) at the beginning of August 2022 as a clinical informatics manager. Just 3 days later, a big cyber-attack hit one of our system suppliers and I was immediately swept up in the incident response. The words ‘baptism of fire’ were mentioned countless times on those first calls.

When cyber attacks occur, I still support cyber incident responses with ongoing assessment of clinical impact. On a typical day, I support everything from incident management, strategy development and ultimately strengthening the relationship between clinical safety and cyber.

I really enjoy the work I do in NHS England because I’m contributing to keeping the whole NHS safe. A few days a month, I still work as a physio in a rehabilitation unit. It keeps me connected with the frontline and reminds me of the day-to-day impact my work has on patients and health and care professionals.