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Clinical governance

Supporting NHS Digital deliver programmes and services that are safe, effective and of value to patients, citizens and front line staff. 

Responsible person

Executive Director, Clinical Governance

This business unit is part of

What we do

We believe that at its core, the clinical role must support the pursuit of outstanding health and care digital solutions that deliver better patient outcomes and excellent patient and staff experience. Through applying a robust clinical governance methodology we support NHS Digital in delivering programmes and services that are safe, effective and of value to patients, citizens and front line staff.

We do this through the provision of clinical oversight and clinical risk management delivered within a culture of continuous improvement.

Products and services

Clinical governance provides a number of products and services for the business.

Clinical leadership and governance

Lead: Chief Medical Officer - Professor Jonathan Benger and Deputy Chief Medical Officer - Dr Shera Chok

Provides strategic clinical leadership for NHS Digital, clinical oversight for programmes and services and ensures the clinical governance framework is implemented and understood to deliver the safe and effective services to the health and care system.

Clinical safety

Lead: Dr Manpreet Pujara

Provides oversight and assurance of clinical safety throughout NHS Digital’s work. This includes ensuring products and services are developed to recognised safety standards and are signed off as clinically safe to go live.

The clinical safety team are also responsible for providing clinical insight and input into incidents and issues within Live Services.

Clinical authoring and Pathways support

Lead: Dr Greg Edwards

Responsible for creating clinical content for use in NHS Pathways products, applying robust Clinical Governance and engaging with external stakeholders to ensure consistent, safe and effective service delivery in a variety of settings including 111 and 999 services.

Clinical support to programmes and services

Lead: Senior clinical leads

Provide clinical leadership to programmes and services within NHS Digital, identifying and managing clinical risks and engaging with external stakeholders to support the delivery of safe and clinically effective products and services to end users.

Professional development

Lead: Dr Raj Kumar

Provides assurance that NHS Digital clinicians are registered with the appropriate professional bodies and continue to provide high quality, accurate and up-to-date clinical insights and leadership through continuous professional development and quality improvement activities.

Caldicott Guardian

Lead: Dr Arjun Dhillon

Provides support, advice and guidance on confidentiality and ethical issues associated with programmes and services that have a clinical or staff impact.

Chief Nurse

Lead: Jo Dickson

Provides expert nursing and midwifery clinical informatics advice to the clinical and non-clinical staff across NHS Digital and partner organisations. 

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