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User-centred design

Provides user-centred design and design leadership across product development and all sub-directorates.

Responsible person

Associate Director of Design and User Research

This business unit is part of


  • provides user-centred design and user research leadership across product development and all sub-directorates

  • conducts early engagement on new pieces of work

  • matures user-centred design practices across the whole directorate

  • supports teams to identify and address barriers to access to our products and services 

Products and services

User research 

Lead: Rochelle Gold

Defines the user research strategy, and ensures that products and services meet user needs, conforming to NHS guidelines and the Government Service Standard.

Leads user researchers at NHS Digital, and ensures they have the operational support they need to do their best work.


Lead: Tero Väänänen

Defines the design strategy, and uses end-to-end service design and user insights to identify opportunities and drive outcomes across our portfolio.

Leads graphic, interaction and service designers at NHS Digital.

Last edited: 2 November 2020 9:20 am