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Product development

Designs and delivers new applications and services commissioned by NHS England, NHS Test and Trace, NHS Improvement, Public Health England and other arm’s-length bodies to help citizens, patients and clinicians across primary, secondary and social care.

Leverages the external healthcare market and fosters digital knowledge, understanding and appetite across the system.


To improve health outcomes for people in England and equip health and care workers with user-centred, secure, open, interoperable and inclusive products and services.

Responsible person

Executive Director of Product Development

Programmes of work


  • we are a team of passionate digital professionals who design, build and deliver new products and services that result in better care and improved health outcomes for people in England

  • we work hand-in-hand with health tech innovators to foster digital knowledge across the health and care system - we design and build products to meet user needs

  • our interoperable, valuable, usable evidence-based products and services empower patients to be in control of their own care and enable health and social care professionals to deliver world-class care

Skills fit for the future

Digital Services Delivery is growing. We need more:

  • user researchers
  • designers
  • product managers
  • digital delivery leaders

Project and Programme Delivery reduces and becomes more and more interchangeable with Digital Services Delivery as everyone develops digital delivery skills and experience.

We will continue to work in partnership with industry to access the wide range of skills and capacity we need.

Indication of numbers of staff in the product development directorate in the budget year 2020-21, as at November 2020 and predicted for February 2021. Proportion of staff in the various professions also highlighted.

1. Chart note

† Exact full-time equivalent (FTE) subject to change in line with business need and includes permanent staff and staff under a fixed term contract.

The current and February 2021 forecast includes temporary additions and movements of staff to address current Covid priorities. 

2. Chart note - numbers of staff

Numbers are as at 1 November 2020.

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